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Alesha moved to Colorado in 2016 from Reno, Nevada, where she lived for over 30 years. She is very much looking forward to the years of discovery ahead of her exploring this beautiful state and she is accepting of any and all suggestions for great experiences from anyone here!

Alesha has two degrees so far, one in Massage Therapy and the other in Culinary Arts. She has been a veterinary assistant for two years now and cannot imagine doing anything else! She is very open to whatever direction this career path takes her and is looking forward to treating the community’s non-speaking family members with the highest levels of care, compassion, and integrity. Alesha came from one of the oldest and busiest vet clinics in Reno seeing all kinds of small animals, including exotics and raptors/wild birds. She does miss the exotics, but is enjoying learning from the specialized care that LHAH provides and the great amount of knowledge they share. Eventually, she would like to be involved in the placement of retired racing greyhounds, (as well as adopting several of her own!!). Sighthounds are her favorite breeds, however, she can and will easily fall in love with any fluffy face!!