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Jen has been working as a veterinary technician in general practice for 17 plus years. She started out in Florida at The Clinic for Animals where she was trained on the job in animal restraint, medicating animals, grooming, etc. She worked with cats, dogs and exotics in Florida.

When the opportunity to move to Colorado came up, she jumped on it.
When Jen got to Colorado, sixteen years ago, she continued to follow her passion working with small animals in general practice. Within that time, Jen has developed and revealed many skills and interests, some of which include: cat handling (she is considered the Cat Whisperer), animal behavior, massage, rehab, at home hospice care, educating clients, and of course many others including monitoring anesthesia, performing dental cleanings, radiographs, and so much more. Overall every aspect of being a veterinary technician Jen finds exciting and fun, which makes her role much easier! She loves to share and show compassion to all animals and clients.

Jen now lives in Longmont, where she owns a house with her husband – Joe, dog – Zero, and cat – Suzy. They all love spending time together, and enjoying all that beautiful Colorado has to offer. She feels blessed to be here in Niwot where she can continue to spread the love