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Cat Friendly Practice!

Left Hand Animal Hospital is striving to be a cat friendly practice! We are members of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and our staff is trained to understand the special needs of cats and their human companions. We try to check-in our feline friends as rapidly as possible and have them and their human companion go to a cat-exclusive exam room where towels misted with pheromones to naturally soothe cats will be waiting for them.

If preferred, we will gladly do in-room check outs to keep your feline friend stay calm and relaxed.  If your cat or kitten needs to stay with Left Hand Animal Hospital during the day, we have a cat only ward that is warm and quiet to suit our felines’ personalities. Our cat vaccines are adjuvant free, which minimizes the risk of vaccine related problems.

Every cat has their own unique personality, and Left Hand Animal Hospital’s staff – from client care specialists to nurses to doctors – are trained to handle each cat with the respect and compassion they deserve!

For more information please visit this educational resource called “The Cat Community” at