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Nancy Bureau, DVM

​Nancy was always one of those kids that wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. Her parents were very tolerant of the endless array of sick and injured and orphaned pets and wildlife that she brought home, and the whole family was involved in their care.

Though the cost of veterinary school terrified her, she eventually decided to pursue her dream, and went CSU Veterinary School. Though she loves every aspect of veterinary medicine, she is particularly drawn to internal medicine, behavioral management, pain management, acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Integrating these with client and staff education lets her incorporate whole being care into every animal that she sees. In her free time, Nancy runs 5K and half marathon distance races and competes in triathlons. Nancy and her dog, a Bearded Collie, can be seen hiking and running trails, or in the Rally and Obedience and Nosework shows. At home, Nancy loves to garden and train her cats (seriously!), one of whom has asthma and heart disease.